Q&A – Muscular Dystrophy patient from Romania

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Alin’s first week of treatment

How were you physically doing before coming to treatment?

“Amongst the many bad feelings I was going through before the treatment, I will mention just a few: my biggest concernment was my breathing issues, I was feeling some diaphragm pressure, making me breathe very hard; I used to feel very dizzy and weak all the time; I was constantly feeling I would be needing a breathing device very soon.”

What were your expectations BEFORE starting the treatment?

“At first, I honestly did not put high hopes on it, I did extensive research before coming. I saw on Beike’s website different types of improvements were possible. And two things caught my attention: different types of improvements and one of the improvements could be related to respiratory issues – and that was exactly what I was aiming for. It is mentioned on the website and talking to the representative that Beike does not give a 100% chance of improvement, it really depends on how the stem cells will adapt to the individual’s body and also how the person will continue the treatment at home.”

If not 100% guaranteed, why have you decided to go anyways?

“This treatment was pretty much the last chance for me to improve my respiratory issues and other symptoms. I was admitted to a hospital in Romania for 9 days and the doctors tried all sorts of medicine and infusions – I did get a little better, but I was still ill and not recovered. So I mustered up my courage and encouraged my mom to start a fundraising campaign.”

“Stem Cell Therapy was my only solution to improve my life quality and stay alive. ”

How was your arrival in Thailand, hospital and first days of treatment?

„The first day, so as the whole treatment went fine. I left home hoping everything would be great. Hospital and Beike’s staff were very welcoming, making me feel as comfortable as possible. I had a great experience since I first contacted the Romanian representative, who explained in detail the whole treatment and helped throughout the entire process. Doctors and nurses were amazing, they explained all the procedures and everything related to the treatment, always helpful and open to any questions and doubts.”

After the treatment, what were the results that you have seen? 

„Since the first time the Stem Cell injection was administered, I had the feeling that stamina was injected into my body. Now, after a couple of months, I started to feel a major difference in my breathing and the whole body muscle functions. I don’t feel like using the breathing device during the day or anymore. I’m no longer feeling dizzy as well.”

“When talking to the doctors, I was told that I could come back for a second treatment after 6 to 12 months later, and from the bottom of my heart, I’m looking forward to returning.”

Alin with Doctor and hospital’s staff before going back home

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