Hiperbaryczna Terapia Tlenowa

Hiperbaryczna terapia tlenowa (HBOT) to metoda medycznego zastosowania tlenu na poziomie wyższym niż ciśnienie atmosferyczne. Wymagane wyposażenia składa się z komory cisnieniowej, która może mieć sztywną lub elastyczną konstrukcję, oraz środka dostarczającego 100% tlenu do układu oddechowego. Opublikowane badania wskazuja, że HBOT zwiększa żywotność komórek macierzystych po wstrzyknięciu i zapewnia bogatą w tlen atmosferę dla funkcjonowania organizmu na optymalnych poziomach.

Below is a guide to ensure the safety and efficacy of this treatment. Read carefully before undergoing this procedure and ask your representative or medical staff if there are any concerns.

Tips to Prevent Discomfort

Upon entering the hyperbaric chamber high pressure will be admitted which may cause severe tinnitus (ringing in the ears).
To decrease the tinnitus,the patient needs to perform the following tasks:

  • Yawn
  • Swallow
  • Move the jaw rhythmically
  • Sip water
  • Pinch nose and swallow
  • Pinch nose, close mouth and exhale like blowing a balloon.

For children who have difficulties performing the above tasks, the oxygen mask will not be used; therefore they can chew candies or sip water to alleviate the tinnitus. If the patient cannot endure the tinnitus, they need to inform the staff immediately. Microphones are equipped in the chamber. It will take approximately 5 minutes for the machine to stop.

Instructions for Depressurizing Procedure

  1. Don’t hold your breath, just breathe normally.
  2. Be aware that you may experience slight discomfort during the process of depressurization.

Instructions for Equalization Procedure

How to equalize the middle ear canal:

  1. Valsalva Maneuver: pinch nostrils, close mouth and try to blow through your nose.
  2. Toynbee: pinch nostrils and swallow.
  3. Swallow your saliva, yawn, move your jaw in a chewingmotion or grind your teeth, or tilt your head to the left and right.

Note: Please notify the authorities immediately if you have trouble equalizing your ear.

Pre-procedure Checklist and Instructions

  • Take a shower before entering the Hyperbaric Chamber
  • Be well rested and relaxed
  • Do not consume alcohol or carbonated beverages the day of therapy
  • Limit or avoid smoking during HBOT
  • For the consideration of others, practice proper hygiene before use
  • Notify the staff if you are showing symptoms of influenza, a cold, or allergies
  • Remove cosmetics
  • Remove any false teeth or dentures
  • Remove any jewelry or accessories
  • Remove hard contact lenses
  • Notify the staff if you have not taken prescribed medications

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